Monday, July 9, 2012

The 3 Month Mark

End of March to End of June, 2012.

It's been an amazing transformation! From the end of March to the end of June, solving windbreak and shade needs, laying out garden beds and ponds - building soil - watching things grow, I can't believe the results. This morning, there were bees around the little pond. Bees coming to a place that was originally a dust bowl.

Small pond in bloom!

Every day Steve and I go outside and work, and it's very hard to sit back and really see what we've created, as there's so much more to do! Here are a few things in progress. 

I found an old pallet on the property, so we dragged it in and set it into the garden area. I dug a trench around it to keep the water in, as the sides are quite hollow. I'm hoping the pallet will keep the corn stable in the wind.

Corn growing in old pallet.

We've started a cactus garden, working on shade and wind dynamic with a bit of earthworks: building up areas with soil and rocks. This gives the fence further fortification as well...

Cactus Garden.
We are starting a large pond/herb garden. This area is going downhill, so we've got it level and built it up. This is in Gil's territory, so he can walk around it without worry!

Large pond/herb garden.

Much more to come!

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