Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thoughts from the Road

After over two weeks, we are finally in the 'zone' - I call it this for myself, once you break through the insanity and fatigue, though my voice is taking a beating night after night. Three hours of sleep and hours and hours driving to the next city, one needs to be hardened to live this life and open to the realms you find yourself. I love the moment by moment of life on tour, meeting fans, listening to stories, performing and having delirious and hilarious moments. We miss home terribly, and our amazing housesitter has been taking such great care of everyone - she posted photos of the babies on her pages, how gorgeous everything is blooming and the babies look happy and cared for.

I am finding that we are now a '90's era' band, and that some sort of revival is at hand; though people are loving our new music, they also love all the past albums. I am currently backstage in Washington DC, haven't been back here for 6 years - and everything is green and gorgeous! The weather throughout the U.S. has thus far been nippy, land throughout the heartland is barely over the Winter, but once we took the turn down from Canada into New York, we are seeing wonderful new growth. Funny how I look at soil and plant life everywhere I go, it is an entire undercurrent of life around us! Onward to the next, and the next and the next. I am currently in silence mode, and have to actually be somewhat silent when greeting fans in order to get onto the next shows - fingers crossed!