Saturday, October 30, 2010

Loneliness. Patience. Wisdom. Happiness.

Woke up to a lovely rain, it feels more like early Spring than Fall to me. Watching the dogs nap and listening to Maxine, the duck, quack as she wanders the garden. All is peaceful...

Last night I went to a friend's place and met his kangaroo, she is a rescue who has ended up living there. The doc is a long-time zoo vet, so this is not an unusual animal for him to have at home. I watched him give her a bottle, and then she came up to me to check me out, surrounded by her five dog companions. SO cute!

Animals. I could not live without them.

Life has been upside down since returning from the last European Tour - but I am picking myself up again. I feel I have so much to say but it is hard to put it into words. This is the problem of emotion, when you feel gutted and empty from circumstance and have such trouble trying to explain how it feels to those who aren't able to live inside your skin.

Poetry is how I connect and speak truths, touch hearts and rise to that very special place where words are nothing but cages - trapping the deeper meaning behind their doors - snapped shut with metal lock.

My thoughts are like animals - they need to be free and given wide open spaces to roam, to find kindred spirits that connect their voices to emotion and yet somehow still breathe, and say it's okay to do so - to rise above the soil up into the sky - to look back down from a distance without pain - that was something left somewhere below...

AH! To the Future! I cannot wait to look calmly at the Past.

Just typing this has brought a wave of peace to my soul.