Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Heat

While we're in a heatwave, no planting is to be done! So tending as the temperature climbs to 108, and of course, some harvesting!

But first, I need to step back and really look at what we've accomplished in such a short time!

Garden Pathway

It's so hard to believe that this was all dirt when we first came here, the pathway above is the very state of the original soil here.

One of the garden beds. I love a wild, diverse garden!

Corn is getting big!


There's a pond in here somewhere!

Here's the small pond if you can see it, original photos of it being built in my blog from June! It's gone crazy with some magic seeds my friend Patty sent to me! It attracts dragonflies now, and has goldfish and mosquito fish as well!

Small Pond

And below, our grand latest creation, the large pond! Steve and I collected rocks in the canyons around us and built this fortress. Also has goldfish and mosquito fish. I believe next Spring, there will be tadpoles. If you built it, they will come!

Large pond

Large Pond - side view

The cactus garden has grown very large and long, and Steve has started some rock towers, which are attracting baby lizards!
Steve's Cactus Garden. Can you spot Gorn?

And finally, we fenced a little patch for white clover for a few weeks until it grew tall enough to feed Gill the Tortoise. He loves it so much, we've fenced a new section!

More to come!