Friday, September 24, 2010

Back to Nature

Lyrics in progress for a new InfraWarrior song...

Through the cracks in the wall I'm going back to Nature

Through the holes in the floor my roots search for the waters

Along crumbling brick I rebuild the great temple

Over collapsed walls I'm stretching myself homeward

The walls are blurring and the lines between

What we know and what's Unseen

You need to walk with the Great Mystery

You've got to let Nature in

As the sidewalks break I'm going back to Nature

Along rusting wires I'm stretching out my fingers

From the rotting beams I'm reaching towards the answer

Along the broken glass I may walk forever

Back to Nature

The walls are blurring and the lines between

What we know and what's Unseen

You need to walk with the Great Mystery

You've got to let Nature in

Leave the endless noise I'm going back to silence

On the crumbling bridge I cross back to the mountains

By the light of the hundred year old lantern

Through the blood red sea I'll sink into the alters

On the fluttering wings I'm going back to Nature

On the horse's mane I'm going back to Nature

On the lion's back I'm going back to Nature

When the trees have burned

Leave a bounty of fruit at the base of the cinders

When the oceans die,

Cry your tears along the rivers.

If you have no voice, speak to Nature

If you have no direction, look to Nature

If you life stands for nothing, stand for Nature

If you believe in nothing, believe in Nature

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All Lovers Lost - 2010

I am my only Thief and Jailer Keep

The hours pull me through the seasons of a Crooked year...
And to those I gave life
Confessions of a gift worth end

Dawn breaks like ice on a pond - springing forth green eternal
The flooding of cool waters - life emerges...

Hours pass...

Five minutes brings the shock of it all
Winter's icy shadow rises to prey upon me...
The tears are endless.
The agony of fear of a future never expected...

And the glutton for emptiness
Can feast on my heart

In the minds where my dear Alvina weeps
Once lifted their voice in praise
But past is ever past.
The past too great a treasure,
Caught in the gleam of a shining coin.

Summer's dry heat has returned.
I am unable to cry,
And can't fathom why I should.

Then the chill of Dusk - like Fall -
Love's dead leaves crumble through my fingers
I am frozen in time -
Completely and utterly hopeless.

And all lovers Lost
Find them in the heart of darkness...

Winter thus returns on the hour of a clock that stopped ticking.
Such is the reign of banishment
In my heart...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Work...

How easy it is to leave a two-dimensional realm...
A history lesson from a faded textbook, in the end...

My complexities no longer exist.

I simply fill the space that is taken by my ghost -
All the details that made me breathe fire to your heart
Contained and destroyed.
I rained ash upon you with each smoldering ember.

Dare to breathe me in
And your lungs may fill with dust.
Run - that is the simple answer -
I cannot haunt places I haven't been -
Your secrets are safe in the black and the white -
In the freedom of a future where I can no longer find you.

Within the Old realm, another dimension was fervent.
My wrists - the smallest bones you once kissed -
The hand you longed to hold -
The eyes that drove you mad -


Home - once in my arms -
Now a square drawn on a page of a book
You dare not read again.
Add a chimney, a swirl to the smoke -
It may remind you.

Save yourself from the fury of cobwebs
That have taken the throne.
I am the keeper of what must never be -
The ash covered corpse of a slowly crumbling being.
Through the years you may forget her a bit more,
But no living future bride
(Unknown - or already known)
Will ever come close.

And you know this.

She is still here!

Her memory is lost to the ancient texts.
Her image made to silhouette.

Lesson learned.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Battle...

This was written around 2002 - and was included on my book, 'The Muse Inward' and partially used in 'Boudiccea' from 'The Burning Season'...

Have I spoken of the battle between Word and Deed?

I have traveled long and wide on the hills of
When and when to step and where
Lightly and hardly
I would I might should I
Become Her at last.
But rather to write of it may heal enough.

Experience versus the mind -
I was the Queen who fell upon her sword,
In Dreams I have fought the good fight - Inert all else.
Silent in person.
My words have laid the path,
Ah, but my deeds I am most likely to be known for...

When she steps she does so delicately,
And where she steps
The grass does grow in the shape of her exquisite footsteps.

Promise is a sickness when it all but speaks and acts opposing to its word.
Pianos cannot play themselves.
I’ll slip away when at last we meet.

I am warrior...
My madness impossible to detect within the horrors of social conduct.
My wits sharpened to weaponry.

Deed cannot but make my tongue silent -
Word is an act enough to bring down effortless Tyranny.
Deed renders me inert.
We would rather the doe shot down simply in the story, I think...

Word may somehow retract Deed.
Chooses a face with strange cracks.
Ah, but Deed.

Deed is the Truth of character.