Saturday, December 31, 2011

And Another Year Passes...

Here's to 2012!

2011 is a bit of a "well we made it through that one" for me, and I think many other people as well, having heard from friends and fans. But then, so was 2010 for me... 

For 2012, I am truly looking forward to a number of things. The release of NAIADES, my long awaited Book & CD. I'm updating the NAIADES page to give full website info to each artist. Official preview video below:

Full video of the Mighty is coming later in January! Seraphemera Books' Marc Moorash is currently editing  as I type this. He was the brilliant artist/editor behind F&TM's "Battle Hymn" and "Sovereign" videos as well as the : shoumei : DVD... I cannot wait for this to come out. Perhaps it will be available the very day pre-orders begin shipping!

As far as performing live, look for me later in 2012. It's up in the air as far as what kind of show I plan to do, but I do know the *music* will be live! I have a wonderful group of musicians around me, and I am thankful that they plan to go on adventures. Stay tuned!

2012 is also going to be wonderful because Sonny is still with us, (and had we not begun the chemo program for his lymphoma when we did, he wouldn't have made it to Xmas)! I don't have the words for how Steve tirelessly raised the funds through his artist friends, or their amazing generosity and immeasurable talent in creating and/or donating art for Sonny's treatments. We'll be putting out a sketchbook for the art below!

Top row: Jill Thompson, Kelley Jones, Miran Kim. Second row, l-r: Bernie Wrightson, Fiona Staples, Bill Sienkiewicz, Antoine Dodé. Third row, l-r: Ming Doyle, Scott Morse, Nathan Ooten, Liz Wrightson. Fourth row, l-r: Greg Ruth, Menton3, Daniele Serra, Gabriel Hardman. Bottom row: John Rozum, Monty Lewis 

Sonny is bouncing around with new energy and is a very happy dog these days, which - our vet pointed out - shows that he was sick for quite a while before we discovered that his neck glands were like golf balls. I can now safely say that - though I find many problems with chemo and human reaction, having seen it through my own sister 's losing battle many years ago - it does work in dogs...

This year I also plan to do some soundtrack work with one or two of Steve Niles' books...  Soundtracks and theme music are styles I have clearly been moving towards, so I figure this may be a great place to start. More on that as it comes... I have also begun doing some remix work, The March Violets will be releasing remixes, one of which was made by yours truly!

I may also put out (finally) a little Book of Tales... Little micro-stories that I have been writing for many, many years... I called them Tales from Parallel Planets for a long time, I may or may not use that as the title. I will include the original tale behind ANAFAE.

And speaking of ANAFAE, Jim and I may move this to a web comic, we're in the beginning of discussing this...

So 2012 shows great promise! Onward and upward!

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