Tuesday, October 18, 2011


THE SONNY PROJECT  Some amazing artwork is being made of Sonny!

Top row, l-r: Scott Morse, Fiona Staples, Bill Sienkiewicz, Antoine Dodé. Second row, l-r: Ming Doyle, Miran Kim, Liz Wrightson. Third row, l-r: Greg Ruth, Menton3, Daniele Serra, Gabriel Hardman. Bottom row, l-r: John Rozum, Monte Lewis.

Originals are now starting to be auctioned!

See Menton3's gorgeous Sonny painting HERE!

See Greg Ruth's Sonny in Ministry of Silly Walks HERE!

More to come!

They'll also all go into limited edition print sets or possibly an art book, we're deciding as more art pours in!

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