Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Muse Onward

I wish I might explain the enormity of Image,

Merely a magnification that reflects back

From the eyes of those who do not know me at all.

The fear of breaking from my little box.

Trapped in my own Illuminated corner.

Magic appears from behind the curtain

The Enchanted mirror:

Scenes from a lost childhood teach humanity to search out idols -

Its temperamental need to be reminded of a Perfect world -

Yet full of swift rejection should the Human turn its head

And bring forth its own heart

Not the one expected or more often demanded

But the gleam of a life lived onward

Full of turns and tides.

Like life, We ebb and flow.

Hell hath the fury of every little resented Reflection.

The pedestal smashed underfoot in moments.

Thus the rest of Persona must remain immersed in the water,


For the time at least.

Hope itself is enough to bring the Dead back to life.

I am the Muse:

But I must reflect that which radiates upon me.

It can not come from the void.

So the One I choose to shine on

Can only be the One that causes me to shine.

Now a beacon of light flares from my center

Like a homing signal high above the cities.

I radiate endlessly - electricity pours from my fingertips.

I cannot stay calm or silent but will -

Not for my own choice but that of thousands who must learn

Slowly -

That even the realm of Dream -

And the humans that live under such a weight -

May change and breathe new life.

My mythology changed forever.

My Tale is that of beginnings.

This is Truth.

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