Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring: Awakening

This has become my favorite time of year - out here in the desert, it can either be too hot or too cold. March brings hope - moisture to the soil we have been building over the last three seasons, new shoots, flowers, frogs and birds... A ground squirrel has set up a home next to the duck barn...

I am itching to go on the road, but hate the fact that we are going to be gone through Spring... Missing out on the roses, tadpoles, budding grapevines. Before I began planting and gardening, the seasons really meant nothing to me. Now I bend with them. When a frost happens after new shoots have risen, I take it in stride. I have learned that Nature must do what She will, and we must simply work with her, create shade and micro-climate, build soil, allow things to move naturally... Something changes in your heart... hard to explain...

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